The Matterport Pro2 – 4K 3D Camera

The Matterport Pro2 3D Camera has arrived and we are one of only handful of tour providers in Australia with this camera. In fact most of our technicians around Australia have a Pro 2 Camera. So whats so good about the Pro 2 Camera ?

not all matterport 3d tours are the same

Matterport now supports a range of basic 360 cameras and iPhones and while they may produce a similar output these cameras are really only useful for units and very small projects.   Click here to see 

Pull the sliders across to see the enhanced resolution of the new Pro2 camera.​

denp1a denp2a
alfrescop1 alfrescop2
kitchenp1 kitchenp2
loungep1 Loungep2

See side by side tours below

Pro 1

Pro 2