1 – We discuss the requirements with the client  and conduct some preliminary checks to determine the best time of day to shoot.

2 – Once approved we will schedule a suitable time to come out and complete the scan and provide comprehensive details as to How to Prepare for the Scan.

3 – When the 3D technician arrives we may make some final adjustments such as closing blinds, adjusting lighting, positioning doors.  Our comprehensive pre scan checklist ensures we present the space in the best possible way.

We use cutting edge 3D infra-red camera technology to scan a 360 degree space. We progressively work through the area strategically placing the camera to enable the images to be stitched together.

A typical property will be completed within 1 – 2 hours.

4 – Back at the studio, we will edit, enhance and tweak the images and arrange for them to be stitched together to enable the 3D model to be created. The result is a seamless, immersive and fun experience.

5 – 24 hours later, we will deliver your 3D interactive tour. We send you a link to embed the showcase directly into your website, you can then showcase them on your own website or on Real Estate and Domain websites and share through your social media channels.


person scanning 2