Off the Plan 3D Models
We have a number of interactive off the Plan 3D models to suit a variety of budgets. Created from a sketch, 2D or architectural CAD file, we can create an interactive 3D model of your property that opens in our custom-built web viewer. Our interactive models can be viewed on any device without the need to download additional software. This makes it easy for your potential clients to have access 24/7.

Our 3D products fully integrate with realestate.com.au and domain.com.au who recognise our tour links and prominently display them at the top of your listing pages.

Interactive 3D Floor Plan – Is a great way to showcase your off the plan project.  In addition to a single property plan we are able to create a complete site plan to showcase a entire building complex which can then be used to drill down into a number of individual properties. This floor plan literally pops off the page to create a great 3D model.


Interactive 3D Virtual Tour – Off the Plan – This 3D tour will allow you to create the look and feel of your properties and enable your clients to see the end product by including furnishings in your tour.  Incorporating an end to end solution for your customers takes out the guess work for them.  This tours includes a floor plan, walk through tour, birds eye view and direct links to each room.  Allowing your clients to full immerse themselves.

Interactive 3D Virtual Tour – Off the Plan – Premium – Allow your customers to walk through a property and examine every detail before it is even built. This premium tour goes to the next level and incorporates global lighting techniques which synthesises the behaviour of real light sources from natural lighting sources like the sun and sky to artificial lights like lamps and over heading lighting.   You can also add fully customised textures and colours to mimic your finished project.